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Try Goüter today for a better tomorrow 

Dark Chocolate & Almond Bar x3


Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Bar x3


Caramel Chocolate & Pecan Bar x3


What is Goüter?*

Simple in its ingredients, simple in its mission: Goüter is a delicious chocolate snack that uses the best local ingredients and helps reduce food waste, all wrapped up in 100% compostable paper packaging. We know chocolate. Goüter is our small way of helping the planet by using our chocolate know-how and rescued bread to make super-local and delicious snacks using the highest quality British chocolate. Easy on the planet, easy on the palate, Goüter is the tasty little snack making a big difference.

Did you know that one third of all food produced in the world is wasted? Well, bread is the worst waste culprit with almost half (44%) of all bread baked in the UK going to waste. We’re changing the agenda around waste in the UK food industry, using our chocolate know-how to embrace waste and make something delicious.

Chocolate + nuts + bread = Goüter.

Goüter helps reduce UK food waste (and CO2emissions) by rescuing and reusing bread and keeping our other two ingredients local. Together with the highest-quality British chocolate and nearly 40% nuts, we make delicious little clusters of climate activism.

*Goûter 1.verb: to taste in French  –  2.noun: Around 4.30-5pm, every little french children gets out of school and sits down at their table awaiting for their afternoon snack. Goûter is the mealtime in between lunch and dinner. French goûter is an entirely sweet affair and can be eaten on the go, usually something store-bought. Or at home such as a piece of bread with a square of chocolate inside.

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Goüter in the Spotlight!

We are grateful to Yvonne Deeney from Reach for featuring our mission at Goüter in an epic article! We’re stoked that our passion and purpose caught their attention. Being part of the Upcycled Food Association movement fills us with pride as we embark on our mission to tackle food waste in style. 

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